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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: More SKUs, new packaging for Adaptive One brake pads

NAPA has updated and expanded its entire line of popular, well-regarded Adaptive One brake pads.With the expansion, the company has added brake pads for specific vehicle segments so that it can address issues unique to each segment. These include:

  • Passenger Car: Cutting-edge friction technology to adapt to the car and the driver. Hybrid ceramic brake pads where the inner pad is more aggressive than the outer pad. Low dusting. Advanced noise reduction technology. 207 SKUs at launch
  • R90 Euro: Cutting-edge friction technology specific to European vehicles. Low dusting and low noise. ECE R90 Certified for European safety and performance standards, designed to match OE performance and tolerance within 15 percent, extensive testing protocols, and tamper-evident sealed packaging. 40 SKUs at launch.
  • Performance and Truck/SUV: These lines bring total SKU count from 421 to 439 and are also available as NBK Virtual Kits.
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