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When inclement weather strikes on the road, you need to be able to see in order to get to your destination. Windshield wipers require constant replacement in order to keep you safe during your stormy commutes. If you are due for a replacement, come to Glenbrook Auto Parts for the best and most long-lasting wipers in Atlanta & GA. .

  • Remanufactured wiper motors
  • Windshield washer pumps
  • Wiper arm springs
  • Wiper arms
  • Wiper blades

Wipe Swap: See the Street, Not the Streaks with New Windshield Wiper Blades

Streak and squeak. Streak and squeak. Streak and squeak. Familiar? A windshield wiper suffering its final throes sure makes a mess and sounds irritating. But why wait until your wipers are jeopardizing your safety and aggravating your eardrums?

How do I know when I need to change my windshield wipers?

Depending on driving conditions, some wipers will wear out as soon as 3 months. A good rule of thumb is to change your wiper blades twice a year—in the spring and fall—and 12 months is the longest lifespan you should expect from wipers. Aside from simply assessing age, clues indicating wiper failure likely is imminent include:

  • Streaking, smearing or clicking blades. Try cleaning the wipers and windshield (use a paper towel saturated with mild detergent or wiper fluid). If smearing still occurs, it’s time for a new set.
  • Uneven edges or missing pieces. While cleaning your wiper blades, look down the length to verify whether the blade edge is even. Salt or mud might damage blades and leave them jagged. This causes streaking as wipers miss windshield sections.
  • Cracks. Wiper blades will crack when constantly assaulted by the elements. Once lines or cracks occur within the blade’s body, it’s replacement time.

Note: A wiper blade’s rubber element tends to wear out considerably faster than its metal frame. Provided the frame is intact, a smart money-saving move is to purchase only wiper blade refills instead of a full set of blades.

What parts do I need to replace windshield wipers?

No fancy tools are needed for this job. Simply purchase windshield wiper blades or only the rubber refills. Be sure to verify the different sizes needed for the front windshield (driver- and passenger-side sizes often differ) and rear window.

Depending on your specific needs, here are some tips for choosing the right type of wiper blade (conventional, winter or beam) and choosing the right wiper blade for any weather condition. At Glenbrook Auto Parts, we can also help you choose the style of blade that’s right for you.

Don’t forget the other key element in the clean-windshield equation: Top off the washer fluid reservoir with the washer fluid type best matching your climate and driving conditions: general-purpose, water-repellent or de-icing. If you know you’re going to be driving a lot in snowy or slopping conditions, you may want to stock up on some extra windshield washer fluid.

Key DIY Tips

At Glenbrook Auto Parts, we can help you install your new wiper blades, or we can install them for you.

If you’ve already purchased new blades, here are a few flash-styled steps for this snappy procedure, culled from the detailed directions listed on our NAPA Know How Blog:

  • Identify the correct blade for your vehicle’s make and model (three common windshield wiper arms exist: hook, post or bayonet) by consulting owner’s manual and product packaging.
  • Remove entire wiper or only the rubber element, dependent on condition.
  • Install new wipers or rubber refills.

What other repairs or maintenance should I do at the same time?

While you’re replacing your windshield wiper blades, you may also want to:

  • Top off the washer fluid reservoir.
  • Test the windshield washer nozzles to make sure they’re ready when you need them.
  • Check your oil, coolant and other fluids while you’re under the hood.
  • Check your tire pressure. Don’t forget the spare!

Remember, with Glenbrook Auto Parts in Glenview, you can save time by ordering your parts online and picking them up in the store. We’ll have them ready and waiting for you.

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