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NAPA heavy-duty brake pads, rotors for vehicle fleets

Chart showing NAPA fleet brake pads and rotors performance against the competition.

NAPA heavy-duty, fleet grade brake pads and brake rotors are engineered to handle extreme braking conditions while lasting longer than non-fleet grade pads and even leading fleet competitors.

NAPA Fleet Disc Brake Pads

NAPA Fleet Brake Rotors

Extended Life: Highest quality formulas engineered for maximum pad life. Perfectly Balanced Rotors: Technologically advanced casting, cold box molding process ensures tighter tolerances with minimal machining required.
Consistent Performance: Consistent pedal feel even in extreme conditions. Suitable for heavy loads. Police applications pursuit rated. Industry-Leading Pad-to-Rotor Bedding:Patented concentric groove finish provides industry leading friction effectiveness right out of the box.
Quite Formulations: Noise dampening characteristics that meet or exceed OEM with specialty chamfers, slots and shims. Excellent Stability, Heat Dissipation and Noise-Free Operations:Formulated for cooler braking, resistance to cracking and distortion, natural damping to provide quiet operation.


NAPA Fleet brake pads have more industry safety qualifications than any other brand of aftermarket friction products, including SAE J2784, SAE J2521 and SAE J2707.

Police pursuit applications endure supplementary testing standards to ensure they surpass expectations in the most severe conditions. These surpass Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) requirements and are extensively tested for performance, wear and noise reduction.

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