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NAPA Rewards

Earn Money Toward Future Auto Parts Purchases

NAPA Rewards program for DIY consumersNAPA wants to reward you for being a loyal client.

With NAPA Rewards, you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. And you’ll save $5 off your next purchase when you accumulate 100 points.

You can enroll easily at Glenbrook Auto Parts during your next visit to our store. Your phone number becomes your rewards program ID, so there’s no extra card to worry about.

You can keep track of your points at NAPARewards.com, and you’ll snap a $5 bonus for creating an online profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can earn rewards points?
NAPA Rewards is designed for retail, DIY consumers. There are other programs in place for commercial and wholesale clients.

How do I earn points?
Once you’ve enrolled in NAPA Rewards, you’ll automatically earn a point each time you spend at least $1.

Can I earn points for purchases on NAPA Online?
Not at this time.

Will I receive rewards points for buying a NAPA gift card?
No. The program is not set up to award points for NAPA gift card purchases.

Do I receive points when using a gift card for payment?
No. The program is not set up to award Points for purchases using gift cards.

Can I earn points and redeem a reward in the same transaction?
Yes. If you’re due a reward, you’ll earn points on the net sale after the reward amount is deducted.

Where can I see and keep track of my point activity?
Go to the “My Rewards” tab on NAPARewards.com. You’ll be able to see your detailed activity, such as transactions, points earned and rewards information.

Do points expire?
Yes. Rewards points expire one year from the time they’re earned. See full program rules.

Do rewards expire?
Yes. Rewards expire 90 days from the time they are earned, at the conclusion of the program or at the sole discretion of NAPA. See full program rules.

How do I know if a I received a reward?
The reward will be automatically deducted during your transaction and will be shown on the receipt.

Is there a limit on how many rewards can be redeemed per day?
Only one reward may be redeemed per transaction.

Is there a minimum spend amount to receive a $5 Welcome Reward for creating an online profile?
Yes. The minimum spend amount is $10.

What information do I need to provide to complete my profile online?
You’ll need to provide a name, email address and phone number. You’ll also need to establish a password that is easy to remember.


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