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Words from our Clients: ‘Everything about them is right on’

Ron Asien, Assistant Parts Manager at Bredemann Ford in Glenview IL

“NAPA online is great. That’s how we do most of our ordering. It’s fast and easy, and they have fast delivery.”

—Ron Asien, Asst. Parts Manager | Bredemann Ford


Ron and the team at Bredemann Ford in Glenview have been clients of Glenbrook Auto Parts for more than 25 years. They rely on Glenbrook for NAPA oil filters, air filters, wiper blades and more when they’re getting pre-owned, non-Ford vehicles ready for sale. They also turn to NAPA for older Ford parts and upon customer request. “They are well stocked,” Ron says. “They have a lot of parts. What they don’t have, they can get pretty fast—a few hours or half a day.”

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