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WORDS FROM OUR CLIENTS: Service manager touts benefits of working with a family-owned company

“The nice thing about Glenbrook Auto Parts is the simple fact that they’re family-owned…You build a more personal relationship with a company that is family owned vs. corporate. Considering that you have a better relationship, you always have better service.” —Danae Prado, Service Manager | CARS of America in Glenview

Danae Prado joined CARS of America as their Glenview Service Manager in April 2017 after 10 years with Lexus and 8 years managing an independent auto repair shop. In her career, she’s worked with a number of parts suppliers and sees the clear benefits that Glenbrook Auto Parts offers to CARS of America.

In addition to a great working relationship, she values the knowledge of the Glenbrook team, NAPA’s wholesale and retail customer rebates, and the upcoming NAPA Expo in 2020. “The 2015 NAPA Expo was better than anything I’ve ever been to in the industry,” she says. “They wanted to ‘wow’ us, and it was evident.”

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